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We do lenses too
The only thing better than some fabulous new vintage frames, is being able to see out of them!

Just submit your prescription with your order (or email it separately, maybe take a photo on your phone?) and we would be happy to fit your lenses into your new frames. Alternatively even if your optician didn’t supply your beautiful vintage frames, they are usually happy to fit your prescription lenses for you.

The very important bit
Unfortunately once your frame has been personalised with your prescription lenses they are no longer refundable under our 30 day returns policy as they have been personalised.

So, try before you buy!
We would hate for you to be stuck with glasses you are not 100% happy with. So why not buy your frame first and we'll pop it in the post for you to try. You can then send the frame back and pay for your lenses to be fitted when you are sure they're the ones for you.

All our lenses are high quality branded lenses. We are able to supply many other types of lenses, coatings and tints so if you don't see what you need please just give us a call and we will do our best to help.

Single Vision

Single vision reading, distance or computer lenses up to +/-6 are £29. 

Varifocals and Bifocals
Varifocals are £79, Bifocals are £49 (subject to seeing your prescription). It's likely we will need a pair of your old glasses and your pupil distance to make sure we fit the lenses correctly.  
(*Rimless frames incur a surcharge of £25 I'm afraid)
Now, are you sure?

Please double check that all prescription information you submit is correct, as we can only make lenses to the details you give us. If you are unsure about filling in the online prescription form you could always email us a copy to sales@eyehuggers.com

Need any help? Don't hesitate! Just give us a ring
01434 221122