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Details of our fantastic prescription glasses online prices!

Single vision lenses are £29.

Bifocal lenses are £49.

Varifocals are £79.

Other options are available such as adding a MAR coating, adding a Tint with UV protection, Photochromic lenses, clear lenses, etc.  Please contact us if you can't see what you are looking for.

WE ONLY USE BRANDED LENSES - Jai Kudo, Kodak etc etc

When it comes to bi or varifocals it would be great if we had your pupil distance and, if possible, an old pair of glasses to help us ensure correct fitting.


How do I add prescription lenses to my glasses order?
You will be asked if you would like to add prescription lenses ( there is a tick box to the right of the product photos saying "...Add Prescription Lenses?" ) - Single Vision Prescriptions / Varifocals Prescription etc - when you choose your frame. Just select the appropriate options before you add the frames to your shopping cart.

You can submit your prescription  - email us a scanned copy or photograph of your glasses prescription.


PLEASE NOTE If a frame is fitted with your prescription prior to dispatch, they have been personalised for you and cannot be returned under our 30 day glasses returns policy. We would advise that you buy the frame first and ensure you are happy with it... you can then return it to us for the lenses to be fitted, knowing that they are exactly what you want.


All lenses come with a 100% guarantee. They are branded, high-quality and made exactly to your provided prescription details.
If there are any issues we will remake them free of charge.


We do offer an MAR coating upgrade for £25 (all in one anti scratch, anti glare and water repellent.  But other than that out lens quality is very high and matches any on the market today.


Single Vision & Varifocals
Single vision prescription lenses up to +/-6 are £29. Varifocal prescription lenses
are £79, subject to seeing your prescription.
When it comes to bi or varifocals it would be great if we had your pupil distance and, if possible, an old pair of glasses to help us ensure correct fitting.


PLEASE DON'T BE FOOLED! Many optical sites make claims that their lenses are hugely discounted / 50% off / reduced, etc etc. Please take a look at their actual prices and you will see that they are often quite expensive in the end. They will encourage you to add lots of extras, finishes, upgrade the quality etc until the lenses end up very expensive indeed!


How do I get a copy of my glasses prescription?
After an eye test if you are not given a copy of your prescription, just ask for one.
Opticians are obliged by law to provide you with a prescription when you have had an eye test. They must give you a copy of your prescription without requiring you to make a purchase.


Do I have to have my lenses fitted by eyehuggers?
No. Many of our customers prefer to buy the style of frames they want from us, and take their new frames to their regular opticians to fit the lenses.
Many high street opticians will fit lenses for you, but beware of surcharges for not purchasing the frames from them!


Call us on 01434 221122 or email


10am - 4pm Weekdays